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Colin (Olubunmi) Smith
Web/Computer Technology

Colin is a highly skilled and very valued team member for IT Lasso, providing technical support in Website Design/Development and Computer Installation/Repairs.

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Phone : (234) 215-1250
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Associate Degree, Website Design & Development, Stark State College
Website Design & Development
Computer Installation/Repairs

Colin Smith is a valued member here at IT Lasso, Inc., contributing his expertise to the Website Technology Team. With a focus on Website Design/Development and Computer Installation/Repairs, Colin plays a pivotal role in enhancing our technological capabilities.

As a key player in the Website Technology Team, Colin excels in crafting engaging and functional websites. Leveraging his skills in design and development, he has exceptional skills in Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Drupal and WordPress as well as professional website builders like Duda. He creates visually appealing online platforms that align with our client's needs and brand identities. Colin's keen eye for aesthetics, coupled with his proficiency in coding languages, ensures that the websites he produces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly and responsive across devices.

Beyond his website-related responsibilities, Colin also lends his expertise to Computer Installation/Repairs. He is adept at setting up and configuring computer systems to optimize performance and functionality. Additionally, his technical skills allow him to diagnose and resolve hardware and software issues efficiently, minimizing downtime and disruptions for our clients.

Colin's collaborative spirit shines through as he seamlessly integrates his work with other team members. He communicates effectively to understand project requirements and provide status updates, fostering a smooth workflow within the team and across departments.

His dedication to staying updated with the latest industry trends and technological advancements ensures that our website design and computer installation/repair services remain at the forefront of innovation. Colin's commitment to quality and his ability to deliver results make him an asset to both the Website Technology Team and IT Lasso, Inc. as a whole.

"Embracing technology's ever-changing landscape, Colin shapes digital realms and mends silicon veins. A symphony of code and creativity, he weaves websites and mends machines, whispering innovation into the heart of our digital age."
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