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Edgar Powell, Jr.

Edgar Powell, Jr. stands as the visionary architect of IT Lasso, Inc.'s success story, weaving technology and creativity into a tapestry of achievement that continues to inspire and empower our team.

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Phone : (234) 521-2367
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BFA, Jackson State University
Corporate Management
Web Development
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Edgar Powell, Jr., the Founder and President of IT Lasso, Inc., embodies a fusion of creativity and technical mastery. Armed with a BFA degree from Jackson State University and a Master's License in Electrical, Edgar possesses over two decades of rich expertise spanning IT, web development, web hosting, and computer installation and repairs.

Edgar's journey as a senior-level full-stack developer is marked by his proficiency with Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. He crafts digital landscapes that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality, enriching the online experiences of our clients.

Beyond his web wizardry, Edgar's skills extend to System Administration, where he masterfully navigates the realms of software and hardware development and installations. With over a decade of experience in High-Performance Computing, his contributions have been instrumental in elevating our technological capabilities.

Edgar's relentless pursuit of knowledge is evident in his multiple IT certifications, earned while spearheading enterprise projects within the Agile Scrum environment. His leadership and adaptability shine through as he guides our teams through the dynamic landscape of modern technology.

"Guiding IT Lasso, Inc. through the ever-evolving tech frontier, to blend artistry with code to sculpt digital excellence, encapsulates Edgar's commitment to innovation and excellence. "
IT Lasso, Inc. is an experienced IT/Website Development company located in Canton, Ohio. We provide our clients with a wide range of technology solutions and services, including Computer Installation and Services, Website Development, Web Hosting, Media Production and Social media, Mobile Web Applications Development, Database installation and management, eCommerce (shopping carts), and Staff Development.

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